REA Video

Clicking the button opens an embedded video which can be dismissed
Embed a Video on a page with REA optimized Video widget that allows you to customize video play button, add a glowing effect to the button, add effective borders to make it eye-catching.



Button Icon - You can select different button icons to show in the video button.
Active Glow - Enable this option for a play button glowing effect.
Video type - You can select either Youtube or Vimeo for the video.
URL to embed - Add the URL of the video to show.
Start Time - Start time of the video
End Time - End time of the video
Autoplay - Select this option to autoplay the video
Mute - Enable this option to mute video
Loop - Enable this option to loop the video
Player control - Enable this option for player controls on the video.


Wrapper Style

Padding - Adjust the padding for the wrapper of the video play button.
Border type, Border-radius - Select the border type, border width, border color, and border-radius.

Button Style

Padding - Add padding to the button.
Icon size - Adjust the icon size for the play button.
Use height and width - Enable this to adjust the height, width, and line-height of the button.
Width, Height, Line height (Available if Use height & width enabled) - Provide height, width & line-height for the button.
Glow color - select the color for the glow effect of the play button.
Text color - Select the Normal color and hover color for the text.
Background color - Select the Normal background and hover background color for the play button

Border Style

Border- Select the border type, border width, border color, and border-radius. You can also select border color & border-radius for hover effect.

Shadow Style

Adjust the shadow of the play button box & icon.