REA Site Logo

The REA Site Logo is a dynamic widget that enables you to display your logo anywhere you choose to use the widget. You can update your site logo from Elementor Site Settings or WordPress Customizer.



  1. Choose Image: The custom dynamic tag (Site Logo) is automatically applied to this field in order to fetch the site logo.

  2. Image Size: Choose from various default image sizes provided by Elementor.

  3. Alignment: Align the image to the left, center or right.

  4. Caption: Choose "Attachment Caption" to display the caption the image was uploaded with or "None" to not display a caption.

  5. Link: By default, clicking the site logo will take you to your site home page provided by the custom dynamic tag (Site URL). You can choose "Media File" to view the image on click and whether it should be opened in a lightbox.

  6. Lightbox: Choose "Yes" to open image file in a lightbox.



You can manually set the image width and height from here. Apart from that you can also change opacity and add CSS filters for when the image is in normal or hover state. You can also change various border styles and add a box shadow to the image container.

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