REA Featured Image

REA Featured Image widget lets you add the featured image of that particular page/post within the content.



  1. Choose Image: This field is populated by a custom dynamic tag that fetches the featured image for the page/post it is added to and displays it in the frontend.

    1. Settings > Fallback: You can also add a fallback image which will be displayed if the intended featured image does not exist or was unable to be fetched.

  2. Image Size: Adjust the image size as per the available default sizes.

  3. Alignment: Align the image left, center or right within the container.

  4. Caption: Set the caption to the caption added when the image was uploaded or custom to add a custom caption.

  5. Custom Caption: if "Custom Caption" is selected then text inputted here will be added below the image as caption.

  6. Link: Set this to "Custom URL" to add redirect or "Media File" to display a "Lightbox" on image click.



Adjust image size properties such as height and width. Apply styling properties such as opacity and various CSS Filters based on whether image is hovered or not. Add a border and box shadow to highlight the image.


Adjust the text styling properties such as color, typography and shadow along with it's alignment within the parent container. Change the spacing to increase the white space between the image and the caption. You can also add a background color to the caption text.

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