REA Modal Popup

REA Modal Popup widget allows you to create amazing lightweight Popups that are displayed on click of a button, text, image, icon or automatically on some trigger events. Popups can include content, photo, saved section or page, Youtube or Vimeo or iFrames.



Preview Modal Popup - It allows you to view changes to popup dynamically.

Title - The text set will be displayed as Title of the Popup.

Content Type - You can choose any content type from the dropdown field.

  • Content

  • Photo

  • Video Embed Code

  • Saved Section

  • Saved Page

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • iFrame

Modal Popup width - You can adjust the width of the Popup.

Modal Appear Effect - You can select animation at the time of popup appears.

Overlay Color - You can set the overlay color of the modal popup.

Close Button

Close As - You can select an image or icon to be used as a close button for your popup.

Close size - You can adjust the size of the close icon or image.

Image / Icon position - You can adjust the position of the close icon/image.

You can also close the popup using the options ESC Key Press and on Overlay Click.

Display Settings

Display Modal On - This option allows you to choose how you want your popup to appear. You can display it on the click of a text, icon, image, button or any other element.

Popups can also be triggered by automatic triggers like exit intent, load after seconds, Enable cookies.

Exit Intent - Exit Intent detects the time just before the user is leaving the page.

After a few seconds - Popup can be loaded after a few seconds automatically.

Enable Cookies - Option to disable the popup for a particular number of days. Once the user closes the popup, you can decide for how many days popup will be disabled.

Custom Class / Id - You can trigger the popup by using different elements on the page. All you need is class / id of that element with which you are going to trigger the popup. Select the Custom Class from the dropdown and add the class / id in the field.

Note - Add the class or Id without the dot (.) or hash (#) selectors.



You can set the alignment, background color, text color, padding for the title of modal popup.


You can set the background color, text color, padding for the content of modal popup.


You can set the background color, text color, border radius, border color & width for the display button.

Display Text

Applies when you select text for display modal on.

You can set the text color and text hover color and typography.


You can set the aspect ratio for the youtube video. You can set the video to autoplay once the popup opens. You can also set the video player settings to disable the player controls or under advanced settings you can set the start and end time of the video.

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