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REA Search Form

The REA Search Form allows you to create a perfect search bar and add it anywhere on your website.


Search Form

Skin - There are 3 custom skins for your search bar.
  • Classic - Classic style allows you to add an icon or a search text as a button in the search bar.
  • Minimal - Minimal style allows you to add a search icon to your search bar.
  • Full-Screen - If selected, only a search icon will appear.
Clicking on the search icon, the lightbox popup form opens up where you can type in the search keyword.
Placeholder - You can change the placeholder text of the search bar.
  • Type - Is applicable for classic skin, you can either select an icon or a text.
    • Icon - You can select a search icon or an arrow to show up in your search bar.
    • Text - You can enter any text to be displayed in the search button.
  • Size - You can adjust the size of the button.
For Full Screen skin
Alignment - Is applicable for full-screen skin only, Align the search icon to the left, center, or right.



  • Overlay color - This is applicable for full screen skin and it applies to the lightbox overlay color.
  • Typography - You have typography options for both normal and focus modes.
  • Text color - You can set the color for text of the input.
  • Background color - You can choose the background color for the search input text.
  • Border color - You can choose the border color for the search input text.
  • Box-shadow - You can set the box shadow for the input text.
  • Border Size - Adjust the thickness of the input text border.
  • Border-radius - You can adjust the border radius to set the corner roundness.


  • Text color - Choose the color of the text of the button.
  • Background color - Choose the background color of the button.
  • Icon size - Adjust the Size of the icon.
  • Width - Adjust the width of the button.
  • Border Width - Control the thickness of the border for the button.
  • Border Radius - You can adjust the border radius to set the corner roundness.