REA Progress Bar

REA Progress bar allows you to showcase the progress of specific fields, and show information based on statistical fields of the company.


  1. Layout - This option allows you to select different layout styles for the progress bar. You can choose between line, circle, half-circle, and Box.

  2. Title - This option allows you to add a title to the progress bar.

  3. Title HTML Tag - This allows you to select HTML tag for title.

  4. Counter Value Type - You can set the country value as static or dynamic.

  5. Display Count - This option allows you to show/hide the count.

  6. Animation Duration - This option allows you to set the duration of the animation in ms.



  1. Alignment - You can set the alignment for the progress bar to left, right and center.

  2. Size - Set he overall size of the bar.

  3. Width - Change the width of the bar.

  4. Height - Change the height of the bar.

  5. Stroke Width - Add a stroke to the bar by changing the width from 0 or null.

  6. Stroke Color - Change the color of the stroke.

  7. Fill Color - Change the bar fill color.

  8. Box Shadow - Apply a box shadow to the bar.


  1. Width - Set the width of the progress bar.

  2. Height - Set the height of the progress bar.

  3. Color - Set the background color of the bar.


  1. Height - This option allows you to set the height of the filled progress bar.

  2. Background - You can set the background color to the filled progress bar.

  3. Show Stripe - You can show stripe to the background color.

  4. Stripe Animation - You can set the animation to show the stripe from left to right or vice versa.


  1. Title - You can set the typography and color to the title.

  2. Counter - You can set the typography and color to the counter.

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