REA Sticky Section

The REA Sticky section lets you set a Section as sticky so that it sticks to the screen while you scroll.

Edit the section you want and then go to the advanced tab and then look for “REA Sticky Section”


  1. Sticky Section - Enable the sticky section using this option.

  2. Sticky section visibility - You can add this sticky section for mobile, tablet, or desktop.

  3. Z- index - You can set the z-index of the sticky section.

  4. Max-Width (px) - Add max-width for the sticky section.

Sticky Section Style

  1. Margin - Add margin offset to the sticky section.

  2. Padding - Add padding to the sticky section.

  3. Background Type - you can either add background color (solid color or a gradient) or image

  4. Box Shadow - You can add box-shadow to the sticky section.

  5. Transition duration - Adjust the duration after which the section should stick to the screen.

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