REA Post Info

REA Post Info widget will fetch the meta details of the page/post to be displayed on the screen.


Meta data

  1. Layout: Choose to align the post info as a column or row.

  2. Repeater:

    1. Type: Select the type of metadata to display (Author/Date/Time/Comments/Terms/Custom)

    2. Before: Enter any text that is to be displayed before the field values.


  1. Show Avatar: Checking this will display your profile picture instead of a profile icon.

  2. Avatar Size: Change the avatar size.

  3. Link: Checking this will link the author profile with the author name.

  4. Icon: Select "Custom" to choose and insert an icon of your choice.


  1. Date Format: Choose from various date formats to display the date as needed.

  2. Link: Enabling this will link the page displaying all posts from that particular day.


  1. Time Format: Choose from various time formats to display the time as needed.


  1. Custom Format: Check this to use custom text for the following options.

    1. No Comments: Display this text when no comments are found.

    2. One Comment: Display this text if only one comment exist.

    3. Comments: Display this text if multiple comments exist.

  2. Link: Checking this displays the comments of that post when clicked.


  1. Taxonomy:

    1. Categories: Display a list of categories the post belongs to.

    2. Tags: Display a list of tags that describe the post.

    3. Formats: Display the post format.

  2. Link: Checking this links the to the page of the particular category, tag or format.


  1. Custom: Add any text or dynamic tag to be displayed.

  2. Link: Check this to add a custom URL redirect to the displayed text on click.



  • Change the alignment within the parent container and adjust the spacing between each repeater element.

  • If you want to visually display spacing between the elements then check the divider option to add a vertical border next to the element which can be styled with the available options.


Change the icon size and color from here.


Change the text color and typography from here. Increase the indent to increase space between the element text and its icon.

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