REA Archive Posts

With the REA Archive Posts widget, you can display posts dynamically based on the date or specific category visited by the user.



  1. Skins: Choose from three available representations of displaying posts.

  2. Columns: Specify the number of columns the posts will be displayed in.

  3. Image Position: Choose the image position. (only for "Classic" skin)

  4. Show Image: If a post has an image with it then select whether to display the image.

  5. Masonry: Whether to display the post in masonry layout or no.

  6. Image Size: Choose a default size for all images.

  7. Image Ratio: Adjust the image size with this slider.

  8. Image Width: Set the maximum width of images. (only for "Classic" skin)

  9. Title: Whether to display the post title or no.

    1. Title HTML Tag: Change the HTML tag the title is printed within.

  10. Excerpt: Choose whether to display the post excerpt or no. (not for "Full Content" skin)

    1. Excerpt Length: Set a limit of words to be displayed in the excerpt.

  11. Meta Data: Choose what meta data is to be displayed.

    1. Separator Between: Insert the characters that will act as a separator between the meta data.

  12. Read More: Choose whether to display a link to take you to the complete post.

    1. Read More Text: Insert the text that will be linked with the post.

    2. Open in new window: Check this to open the post in a new window on clicking the read more text.

  13. Badge: Whether to display a badge on the post or no. (only for "Cards" skin)

    1. Badge Taxonomy: Choose what the bade will display from available options here.

  14. Avatar: Choose whether to display the avatar image or no. (only for "Cards" skin)


  1. Pagination: Choose the style of pagination.

  2. Page Limit: Choose how many pages the user can switch between.

  3. Shorten: Display the last page number while skipping a few pages in between and replacing with ...

  4. Alignment: Align the pagination within its container.


If no posts are found, you can enter a custom message here explaining that there were no posts for that archive. By default it is "It seems we can't find what you're looking for."



Adjust both the gaps, row gap and column gap, between the posts. Also adjust the text alignment within the post here.

Card (only for "Cards" skin)

Change various styling properties of the cards such as its background color, border properties, horizontal and vertical padding. Apply a subtle box shadow effect by checking its option. Apply a different color for the element separating the meta from the content with the "Meta Border Color".


From the "Image" tab, you can give the image a border radius to smoothen the image corners. You can also add a spacing between the image and the content. Apply a CSS filter to be displayed when the posts are loaded and change their properties on hover.


  • Change the text color and typography properties for various text elements within the posts such as the title, meta information, post excerpt and the read more text.

  • Additionally, you can adjust the spacing for all elements except meta. Meta has an extra color field dedicated to the separator.


  • Adjust the spacing between the pagination container and posts, as well as spacing between the pagination elements.

  • Apart from that you can also change text typography styles and color for hover, normal state as well as when the link is in active state.

Nothing Found Message

Change the text color and typography styles of the message that displays when no posts are found.

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