REA Button



  1. Button label - add a title/label for the button.

  2. Link - Add a link to your button.

  3. Open Video in Lightbox - enable this option to open the video in lightbox.



  1. Button Size - Each button can have different sizes: Ex-large, Large, Medium, Small, Tiny.

  2. Uppercase Label - To uppercase the label, enable this.

  3. Button Shape Style - The shape of the button can be changed to Box, Round, Curve.

  4. Button Style - Buttons can appear in three styles: Normal, 3D, Outline.

  5. Align - Align the button horizontally.

  6. Padding - Add padding to the button.


  1. Skin - Select the skin of your choice.

  2. Background Type - Select Background type e.g. Classic, Gradient.

  3. Box Shadow - Select the Box shadow.


  1. Icon for button - Select the Icon for the button.

  2. Icon Alignment - Display the currency symbol to the left or right of the text.

  3. Icon size - Change the size of the Icon.

  4. Icon Margin - Set the margin for the button icon.

  5. Icon Color - Choose a color for the Icon.

  6. Padding - Set the spacing between the Icon and the content.


  1. Color - Choose a color for the Text.

  2. Text Shadow - Add a box shadow effect to the button text.

  3. Typography - Change the Text typography.

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