REA Theme Builder

Theme Builder is a very powerful feature that allows the user to create various templates with conditions pertaining to where to display them and optional conditions to restrict the template to certain users.

Admin Settings

In the WordPress Admin Panel, navigate to REA > Theme Builder.

Click “Add New” or edit any existing template.

Template Settings are as follows:

  1. Type of Template - Select the type of template (Header/Footer/Single Page/Single Post).

  2. Display On - Select the location where to display the template. This setting also has two more buttons :

    1. Add Display On Condition - Add one or more locations where the template will be displayed.

    2. Add Exclusion Condition - Add one or more locations where the template should be not displayed.

  3. User Roles - Select the type of users for which the template should be displayed. This setting has an Add User Rule button that allows the user to add more user rules/conditions for the template.

There are two types of user roles:

  1. Basic - All, Logged In and Logged Out.

  2. Advanced - Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber and Customer and Shop Manager (if WooCommerce is active).

  3. Enable for Canvas Template - Check this setting to enable elementor canvas template for this template.

After configuring the template settings, Publish/Update the template. Then the template can be edited with elementor.

Template Navigation Bar

In the templates list table, the type column represents the type of template it represents. This corresponds to the above navigation menu, thus you can view all similar template types in one table. Alternatively, if you want to see all templates of any template type in one place, then click on the “All” tab.

Template Shortcode

In the templates list table, there is a “Shortcode” column that has the shortcode for the corresponding template that can be used anywhere within WordPress.

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