Pattern Importer

Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library provides a range of pre-designed block patterns and full-page templates to design beautiful websites. You can browse, choose and import the templates you like and quickly design websites.

How to Import Patterns?

Below are the steps to import sections and pages using the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library.

  1. Install the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin from the WordPress repository.

  2. On the block editor page, you will see the “RBEA Templates” button in the toolbar.

  3. On clicking the RBEA Templates button on the editor page you will see a modal screen that will have multiple preconfigured sections and pages in respective tabs.

  4. Here you can browse patterns of your choice and upon hovering on any pattern you will see the “Import” button.

  5. Here you can click on the Import button and the import process will start.

  6. After the Import is complete you will see the pattern of your choice added on your screen.


Sections are beautiful pre-designed patterns created using a combination of blocks for specific areas of web pages. Sections are available in the first tab as shown in the figure above. There are multiple categories available like Hero, Portfolio, Footer, Testimonial and many more.

You can import any section, add it to your design and tweak the styles as per your requirements to create unique web pages.

You can also add a particular section of your choice in your favorite area by clicking on the “Heart” button.


Note: Before proceeding with the page import make sure you have selected the Full-Width template.

Pages are beautiful full-page templates designed using Responsive Blocks. Page Templates are available in the second tab as shown above. There are multiple categories available for page templates like Business, One page, and blog.

You can import these pages and group them to create a beautifully designed website. Also, styles can be tweaked and custom blocks can be added to give it a unique look. You can also add a particular page of your choice in your favorite area by clicking on the “Heart” button.


The third tab as shown above introduces a favorite area. In this area, you can save sections or pages of your choice for quick access or future reference. Templates can be added using the “Heart” button as shown above.

Favorite templates can also be filtered using categories and only the categories to which added patterns belong to will be available in options. You can search templates of your choice and also remove any template from favorites by clicking the “Heart” button.

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