Testimonial Slider

Testimonials are customer reviews that can be displayed on the site to add credibility. Testimonial Slider block allows you to display multiple testimonials in a slider form on your site.

How To Add The Testimonial Slider Block

  1. Open a page or a post and click on the plus icon to add a new block and look for the Testimonial Slider or you can search for it if it doesn’t pop up quickly for you.

  2. Be default, you'll get the below design-

How To Configure The Testimonial Slider Block

To configure the Testimonial Slider block, switch to the ‘Content’ tab.


  • Alignment: Responsive options for alignment

  • Number of Testimonials: Increase or decrease the number of testimonials in a slider.

  • Columns: Increase or decrease the number of columns in a slider.

  • Skin: Select skin for the block as default or bubble.

  • Pause on Hover: Pause the slider when the user hovers over it.

  • Autoplay: Enable this feature to autoplay the slider when the page is loaded.

  • Autoplay Speed: Specify the speed of the slides in milliseconds.

  • Infinite Loop: Enable this feature to make the slider loop infinitely.

  • Transition Speed: Specify speed in milliseconds required for the transition of one slide to another slide.

  • Show Arrow & Dots: Select option for pagination as only dots or both arrow & dots. If both Arrow & Dots option is selected you can design arrow size, arrow border size & arrow border-radius.


Here you can select images for individual slides.

  • Image Position: Select position of the image from Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Stacked.

  • Image Style: Select the shape of the image as normal, circle, or square.

  • Image Size: Select the size of the image as small, medium, large, or full.

  • Width: Select the width for the image.

How To Style The Testimonial Slider Block

Switch to the ‘Style’ tab to customize every element of the Testimonial Slider block.


Under the Typography tab, options for font family, font size, font-weight and line-height are available for Testimonial, Name and Company separately.

Color Settings

Under the Color Settings tab, options for color are available for Testimonial, Name, Company, Arrow & Dots separately.


The Spacing tab offers options to customize the following options

  • Gap between content and dots

  • Row gap

  • Content Padding

  • Testimonial Bottom Margin

  • Name Bottom Margin

  • Image Horizontal Padding

  • Image Vertical Padding


Background Type: You can select background type as color or image. Options to customize the background color or background image get displayed depending on the type selected.


You can choose border styles such as border radius, border width, border color under this section.

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