Create a collage of beautiful images that is perfect for showcasing your portfolio, product images, and more with the Masonry block.

How To Add The Masonry Block

  1. Open a page or a post and click on the plus icon to add a new block and look for the Masonry or you can search for it if it doesn’t pop up quickly for you.

  2. Next, you have to upload images that you want to showcase.

How To Configure The Masonry Block

To configure the content of your Masonry block, switch to the ‘Content’ tab.

Masonry Settings

  • Size: Select a size for the image as middle, large, or extra-large.

  • Gutter: Set space between the images with this setting. You can set different gutter for mobile devices.

  • Rounded Corners: Display the corners of the image as round.

  • LightBox: Display or Hide lightbox for the images from here. If enabled, on clicking on the image, you will see a preview of the image.

  • Captions: Display or Hide captions for the images from here.

  • Caption style: This option is available when Captions is enabled. You can choose caption style dark, light, or none.

If Lightbox is disabled, you can link the image to a media file, attachment page, or a custom URL. You can also choose to open the link in a new tab.

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