Google Map

Integrate Google Maps into your Gutenberg editor or anywhere on the website. Customize the block and share your business location on your website.

To use the Google Map, the user has to provide a Google Maps API key which the user can get from the Google Maps Platform.

How To Add The Google Map Block

  1. Open a page or a post and click on the plus icon to add a new block and look for the Google Map or you can search for it if it doesn’t pop up quickly for you.

  2. Enter a location or address to drop a pin on a Google map.

How To Configure The Google Map Block

To configure the content of your Google Map block, switch to the ‘Content’ tab.

Map Settings

Zoom - Lets you control the details you want to highlight around your location.

Height - Allows you to set the height of the map.

Google Maps API key

Add a Google Maps API key. Updating this API key will set all your maps to use the new key.

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