White Label

How to White Label Responsive Theme?

White-label branding is a technique to present a theme or plugin as your own by renaming and customizing its branding.

This feature allows you to use your brand name instead of the original product's identity.

The Responsive theme comes with a white-label branding option that allows you to change various fields to make it appear like your agency or team developed the website.

How to White Label Responsive Theme?

To edit the white-label settings with Responsive theme, go to the Responsive menu inside your WordPress dashboard, and click on the "White Label" settings.

You will be directed to the White Label settings page, as shown in the below image.

Once you've filled in the fields, click on the "Save Changes" option.

You can enable the "Hide White Label Settings" checkbox, if you want to hide the White Label settings. Remember to save your settings.

Note: If you want to see these white-label settings again after hiding them, you need to reactivate the plugin from the plugins page.


White-label branding with Responsive theme allows you to customize the branding of your website and present it as your own work. With the white-label branding options available in Responsive, you can change various fields to make it appear like you developed the website independently.

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