Responsive Ready Sites Importer Plugin

Note: Responsive Ready Sites Importer Plugin only works with Responsive Theme 3.0 and above. If you are using an older version of the Responsive Theme please contact us at


You can download and install the free Responsive Ready Sites Importer by visiting from

WordPress Admin Dashboard Installation

To install the Responsive Ready Sites Importer Plugin manually from the WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Download the latest Responsive Ready Sites Importer plugin from the WordPress repository

  2. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

  3. Go to Plugins > Add New

  4. Upload the downloaded plugin zip file

  5. Install the Responsive Ready Sites Importer plugin

  6. Activate it

FTP Installation

To install the Responsive Ready Sites Importer Plugin via FTP

  • Download Responsive Ready Sites Importer zip from WordPress repository

  • Unzip the Responsive Ready Sites Importer zip file

  • Open your WordPress site via FTP. We would recommend you to use FileZilla

  • From FTP, visit the root of the WordPress install

  • Now visit wp-content folder > plugins

  • Upload Responsive Ready Sites Importer unzipped folder from step 2

Also there is Pro version of Responsive Ready Sites Importer which can be purchased from CyberChimps website. With Pro version you will get Premium templates, Priority support and automatic updates to Pro plugin.

How to Import FREE Responsive Ready Sites?

Before proceeding make sure you have the Responsive theme installed and activated.

Below are the steps to download this plugin and import website demos

  1. Install Responsive addons plugin from WordPress repository.

  2. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Responsive > Ready Sites and select a website you wish to preview & import.

  3. On the preview page you will see website and you can see the “Import site” button.

  4. On clicking Import Site button on the preview page you will see actions that will be taken to import the website.

  5. Here you can click on Import Site button and import process will start. You will see checkmark in front of actions that are completed.

  6. After Import is complete you will see Launch Site button which will take you to newly imported site.

How to Import a single template from Responsive Ready Site?

With Responsive Ready Sites Importer Plugin, you can also import a single page from any Responsive Ready Site. So if you like multiple page designs from separate Responsive Ready Sites you can import those pages into your website.

To import a single page navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Responsive > Ready Sites & click on the Ready Site from which you would like to import a single page. You will see the button as Import Template.

Click on the Import Template button to see which templates are available to import from that ready site.

Select the template which you would like to import & click on the Import Template button in the bottom right corner.

Finally, click on the Import Template button and the selected template with used plugins will be imported.

Once the import process is finished click on View Template button to view the imported template.

Imported pages are kept in the draft without publishing you can change the imported page & publish it or publish the imported page as it is.

Can I Import Responsive Ready Sites on Existing Website?

Responsive Ready Sites plugin delete customizer settings and content imported previously using Responsive Ready Sites Importer plugin, No plugins will be deleted.

More specifically, the plugin imports things as below:

  1. Customizer Settings

  2. Widgets

  3. Menus and Content (Pages, Posts, Images and Media)

  4. Required Plugins (like WPForms lite, Elementor, etc)

So you can import a Responsive Ready site on existing website. But as the process imports new content and settings as well, just go to pages, posts, menu, widgets and delete the content that was added in the import process.

Just to be safe, take a backup of your existing website. It’s easy and takes only a few minutes.

Error while importing Responsive Ready Site?

Are you facing an error while importing Responsive Ready Site? Please find solutions below for some common queries –

Not seeing any Responsive Ready sites or Stuck while import process.

If you are facing such issues please check your internet connectivity. To preview and import Responsive Ready sites continuous internet connectivity is required.

Some steps failed while import process of website?

You can see certain steps being failed while importing website. This may happen if website is being imported is currently in maintenance. In such scenario please try importing website after some time.