Section block acts as an outer wrapper and allows adding any Gutenberg block within it.


Content Width - Select width as Boxed or Full-width.

Width - Increase or decrease the width of the section.


Spacing tab offer options to customize the padding and margin separately for Top, Bottom, Left, and Margin.


You can select a background type for the block from here. The options available are:

  1. Color

  2. Gradient

  3. Image

  4. Video

Opacity: You can set opacity from here for the block.


Border Style - You can select the style of the border as solid, dotted, rigged, double, dashed, etc. You can also choose to hide it.

Border Width - Set a width for the border from here.

Border Color - You can give color to the border from here.

Border Radius - You can give border-radius to the box from here.

Box Shadow - You can give box-shadow to the block with a number of options available for customization such as color, blur, spread, position, etc.

Text Settings

Preset Size - Select the size of the text as small, default, large, or assign a custom value of your choice.

Under the Colors tab, color options are available for Text, Background.