Post Carousel

Post Carousel provides options to showcase custom post types with carousel layout. It provides an option to select available post types – posts, pages, media, or any CPT you have. It also offers taxonomy controls and predefined controls for every part of the post like Featured Image, Excerpt, Author, etc.


Post Author - Hide or Display the name of the author of the post.

Post Date - Hide or Display the published date of the post.

Post Content - Hide or Display the content of the post. If you choose to display the content, a slider will appear for you to select the content length of the post.

Columns - Decide the number of columns to display for the grid.

Order by option allows you to order posts according to date or alphabetically dependent on the title.

Category controls allow you to choose posts according to categories or tags.

Orientation for the icon and a post timeline can be set to Center, Left, Right from Orientation. Arrow Alignment can be set vertically top, bottom, or center with respect to timeline card.

Carousel tab offer options to customize the post slider. The options are –

  • Pause On Hover

  • Autoplay

  • Autoplay speed

  • Infinite Loop

  • Transition Speed (ms)

  • Show Arrows & Dots

  • Arrow Size

  • Arrow Border Size

  • Arrow Border Radius

Image Settings

Size - Select a size for the image as full or thumbnail.

Image Position - Select the position of the featured image as top or background.

CTA Settings

Under this tab, you will get the option to edit the continue reading text.

Border Settings Border Style - You can select the style of the border as solid, dotted, rigged, double, dashed, etc. You can also choose to hide it.

Border Width - Set a width for the border from here.

Border Radius - You can give border-radius to the button from here.

Border Color - Select a color for the border from here.

Color Settings Under the Colors tab, color options are available for Text and Background for the CTA button.


Under the Typography tab, options for font size, font-weight, color, and line-height are available for Title, Meta, Excerpt, and CTA.

You can now set responsive font size of Title for Mobile and Tablet view.

Color Settings

Under the Colors tab, color options are available for Blog Post Background, Title, Text, Content, Author, Date, and Arrow & Dots.