Advance Heading

With this block, you can customize your headings, add a sub-heading, use separator, align them left, right, or center and customize them completely.


Heading - You can display or hide the heading from here.

Sub-heading - You can display or hide the sub-heading from here.

Separator - You can display or hide the separator from here.

Heading tag - You can select the tag that you want to allot to the section title from H1 to H6.


Under the Typography tab, options for font size, font-weight, color, and line-height are available for Heading and Sub-Heading.

You can set responsive Heading font size for Mobile and Tablet view.


Style - You can select the style of the separator as solid, dotted, dashed, etc. You can also choose to hide it.

Thickness - You can give thickness to the separator from here.

Width - You can choose the width of the separator from here.

Color - You can choose the color of the separator from here.


Spacing tab offer options to customize the spacing for Heading Bottom Spacing and Separator Bottom Spacing.