This block allows you to answer the user’s common queries in an easy and attractive way.


Layout: Select Layout as Accordion or Grid.

Collapse Other Items - Enable to set accordion item to be closed by default.

Expand First Item - Enable to set the first accordion item to be open by default.


Select an expand icon and collapse icon from here.

Icon Alignment: You can select the alignment of the icon from here.

Icon Size - Increase or decrease the size of the icon from here.

Icon Color - Select the color of the icon separately for the active and hover element.


Under the Colors tab, color options are available for Title and Content.


Spacing tab offer options to customize the vertical and horizontal margin and also control the gap between rows.


Under the Typography tab, options for font size, font-weight, color, and line-height are available for Title and Content.


This tab comes when you select a single accordion item

Border : The following settings are available in the border panel - Style - You can select the style of the border as solid, dotted, rigged, double, dashed, etc. You can also choose to hide it

Border Thickness - You can set the thickness of the border from here.

Border Radius - You can give border-radius to the block from here.

Box Shadow

You can give box-shadow to the block with a number of options available for customization such as color, blur, spread, position, etc.